Submit software

We accept software submitted by Publishers, Authors or their authorized agents. You should consider these guidelines as well when building a pad file:

  • You may submit Windows, Mac, Linux, and/or PDA Software.
  • You must be the software author or the person who has been given the right to submit it.
  • The software must NOT infringe on any copyrights or international treaties.
  • We do not accept software bundled with third party advertising (Adware) or tracking components (Spyware).
  • The software must be virus-free.
  • In most cases we only accept submissions for stable versions. If you send us a submission for beta or other unstable product release, we will more than likely decline your submission.
  • The software interface and all its documentation must be IN ENGLISH.
  • The download URL should take to a program file and NOT to a web page.
  • Both PAD file and program file must be ALWAYS accessible from your server.
  • The software must NOT request your email address or other personal information before you can download and/or use it.
  • We reserve the right to decline or remove any software listing from our database for reasons at our own discretion.
  • Our editors reserve the right to refuse or edit submitted data for correctness and/or content without notice.

We accept submissions using only the PAD format designed by the Association of Shareware Professionals. To learn about the PAD format, follow this link.

All PAD files are polled daily so resubmission after an update is not required unless you want to change program categories.